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Malektronic Rocketman: Viral Spokesman or Superfan?

Malektronic Rocketman AKA Tampa Bay Lightning Astronaut. The Rocketman rose to worldwide fame in 2015 after appearances in NHL games in Tampa, as well as appearances on various Television stations including ESPN, NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS and CBC. He was also featured in the ESPN Flagship program SportsCenter.  We know for a fact Rocketman is a real superfan of Tampa Bay.

We had to immortalize The Rocketman!

So we made a wireless speaker of him, and then 2 years later it was time again. So now we made a plush toy!

Get your own Malektronic Rocketman Plush Toy and Wireless Speaker Now! Take pictures with them at your favorite places and post them on social media tagging @TrueRocketman and hash tag that stuff with #SoundsPerfect to win fabulous prizes.

The Malektronic Plush Toy and Wireless Speaker can be purchased direct from Malektronic or via Amazon. Click “Buy Now” to get details!

Buy Now ($14.99)
Buy Now ($39.99)

Social Rocketman: He loves taking selfies with all.

Rocketman is a social astronaut. At any moment or opportunity Rocketman will pose for pictures or videos with fans anywhere. The only thing he asks is to tag him @TrueRocketman and add #SoundsPerfect. Rocketman gives away prizes for out of this world selfies.

As you can see Rocketman is staying pretty busy. Take a picture with him and just remember to get our attention with…

Commercial Spots: Video Shorts.

Wow when you thought you had just seen it all. Rocketman makes his own video shorts for Malektronic Speakers. We hear he wants his fans to help! So step in and make your own video for Rocketman. Here are some of the Malektronic ones.

User Reviews: Rocketman shown space ships full of people Malektronic Wireless Speakers. They LOVE Malektronic!

We are fully dedicated to our customers and their enjoyment of our wireless audio products. We take pride in offering you quality products and a excellent customer experience.

“They have a great product and excellent customer service.”

Great product, I originally purchased one of these at a Tampa Bay Lightning game and after a month it would not charge, it would only work if something was plugged into the charge port, once the battery died it would only work if plugged in to a power source. I emailed their customer service and they issued a replacement quickly, it works fine. They have a great product and excellent customer service.” Benjamen L. Kozich

This is my third Malektronic speaker. This one is perfect for hanging on the shower head, putting in the water bottle holder on the bike, or clipping to my backpack for a day at the beach. The shape and design make it very usable and the battery life keeps it going. I highly recommend this speaker for anyone looking for a Bluetooth speaker with great sound and easy to carry.
Jeffrey Knowles
Malektronic claimed that their Rocket speaker was tough, so I wanted to see how tough and withstand some of my activities that I do. I been hiking with it, biked in the rain, long kayak rides and even drove it off my Jeep. I think every Jeep owner should own one of these because they are just a tough.
Robert M. Starks
Im really impressed by the powerful sound: loudness, depth and clarity. Bass is strong but not too overwhelming.

The headset is a solidly built structure composed of retractable earcups made of rubberized plastic and leather (synthetic) headband and earmuffs. It feels strong and looks like it can stand up to some rugged use. The earcups cover and wrap around your ears fully and comfortably… once you put on the headset you feel like the world is just you and your music.

Daniel A.
Hands down, this is the BEST investment I’ve made on audio equipment. Folks, the EXPERIENCE of the very detailed sound in these headphones is impeccable. When you put them on, you can only hear what is coming though in the equipment. You hear every detail in the audio. And there is this feeling that there is no one else with you…Just you and the energy coming through the speakers directly into your ears.

Total noise cancellation. Solid sound. Since I’ve had these, I let everyone check out them out. I LOVE their expression when they hear the first sound that comes out of them. I bought two and plan to buy more as gifts for family and friends..

This takes music enjoyment to a whole ‘nother level! Completely satisfied…Overwhelmingly impressed…

Well done Malektronic. Well done.

I came across the Luna from Malektronic. I listened on it with music and it sounded really good. “It’s too bad this thing is not noise-canceling.” I thought to myself. And then I thought, “Hey, why not try it out?” So I put this thing on during a conference call, and lo and behold, I could hear people talking clearly!! Is this a noise-canceling headphone? It doesn’t say so on the box, but heck it works better than headphones that claim to be noise-canceling. The important thing is that the sound quality is great where other ones I tried were below par.
Uncle 5am

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